[Samba] How to change gateway in local network after upgrade samba?

Rommel Rodriguez Toirac rommelrt at nauta.cu
Wed Nov 4 21:59:36 UTC 2020

 Hello all; I need to clarify a few doubts regarding the samba4 update.
 I have a server with CentOS 7 operating system, with samba 4 version 4.11.4 as AD DC. I want to update to samba 4.13.2. For this I will use another server with CentOS 8 operating system.
 After installing samba 4.13.2 on the new CentOS 8 server, I must join it to the domain I have at the moment, then transfer the FSMO roles and then demote the server with samba 4.11.4
 My question is the following:
The entire local network has as a gateway the IP address of the samba 4.11.4 server, of course the new server with CentOS 8 and samba 4.13.2 operating system will have another IP address. How do avoid having to change the gateway address on the entire local network?
 What is the best way to do that?Rommel Rodriguez Toiracrommelrt at nauta.cu

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