[Samba] Clients send tons of Notiftication requests

Rowland penny rpenny at samba.org
Mon May 11 15:26:07 UTC 2020

On 11/05/2020 16:11, Luca Marceglia via samba wrote:
> I think I could not make myself understood.
> Since I could not connect with my samba share and the programs were looping
> or crashing, I decided to activate the logs on the samba server and set it
> to 3.
> I then started to see all these notification requests.
> So what I understand is that the clients are sending tons of these
> notification requests to the server. This was not happening before.
How do you know they were not happening before ? you had to raise the 
log level to see them.
> I do not have specific client log because Windows10 apps do not store so
> many logs and File.app on the iPhone may write logs somewhere but I don't
> know how to get them.
> Anyway I captured packets with Wireshark and got the logs from the samba
> server and I see that the problem is triggered by this mechanism.
> If I tell the samba server not to respond to these notifications, everything
> works fine.
> My question is why the clients started sending such requests? And how can I
> stop them from doing so? It's not a Windows problem because Apple apps have
> the same issue, so I believe this is a server issue...

The server getting notifications is not a server problem, it is a client 
problem. You need to find out why the clients have started sending so 
many notifications.


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