[Samba] samba_dnsupdate

Paul Littlefield info at paully.co.uk
Wed Mar 4 10:43:25 UTC 2020

Hello Louis,

My replies are inline below...

On 03/03/2020 16:12, L.P.H. van Belle via samba wrote:
> Sorry Paully,
> I thought i already replied it. The configs look good.

Good, so it's not that then.

> Review all DNS entries for the problem DC and review your AD again.
> rgrep /etc and /var for all the old ip numbers and/or hostnames.

Nope, nothing comes up on a search...

root at dc3.mydomain.com ~ $ (screen) rgrep '192\.168\.0\.218' /etc /var/lib/samba
root at dc3.mydomain.com ~ $ (screen)

> There is still something you missed.

Is there some sort of Samba cache?

> But except that, you setup looks fine.

So, what could be causing the weird IPv4 deletion and IPv6 insertion?!

On every run of 'samba_dnsupdate' the Windows Servers have their IPv4 IP address deleted and their IPv6 equivalent inserted.

So, I have to run a script every MINUTE to reverse this.

How do I stop 'samba_dnsupdate' JUST for the purposes of seeing if THAT fixes it or if THAT is the cause?!

Any suggestions are welcome right now, please.



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