[Samba] Active Directory List Object Mode

Matthias Leopold matthias.leopold at meduniwien.ac.at
Fri Jun 26 16:40:07 UTC 2020

Am 26.06.20 um 11:07 schrieb Matthias Leopold via samba:
> Hi,
> I'm trying to hide objects in Samba AD 4.12.3 for certain users.
> I found several tutorials, they all mention "List Object Mode" as an 
> option. Is this supposed to work with Samba AD? I was able to enable it, 
> but it doesn't seem to have any effect when I follow the recipes for 
> hiding objects.
> When using the other option (deny "List contents") I had the problem 
> that objects in child OUs where still visible in subtree searches.
> I'm new to AD, maybe it's my fault, but I would be glad for some advice.
> thanks
> Matthias

I solved the first part of the mystery (objects always visible in "List 
Object Mode") by removing "Authenticated Users" from "Pre-Windows-2000 
Compatible Access". Now I'm having the inverse problem (objects always 
invisible in OU with "List contents" removed regardless of objects "List 
object" setting). So I'm still under the impression, that "List Object 
Mode" "doesn't work with Samba" (I never tried it with Microsoft AD), 
but it may well be my fault and this might not be the right place to 
discuss this. If somebody nevertheless recognizes my problem and gives a 
hint, I would be grateful


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