[Samba] Samba4 member file permissions

L.P.H. van Belle belle at bazuin.nl
Tue Jun 16 17:57:09 UTC 2020

about the rights. (short versie, typing on mobile)i gave dom users,admins,guest a gid. Note, im one of the few that give Dom admins a gid and where it all works. 
this might be due, im adding dom admins into group Builtin\administrators.

i did set the base rights on linux and configured shares and folder rights, from a pc logged in ad dom\adminstrator.

on the profiles and user folder rights.

did you change share settings.
to test it, set everyone full control 
see if it works. 
set on linux 777 , test again.

use getfacl to verify and see the created/needed rights.

my setup started on samba 4.1.

lot's has chance in samba and windows.

if i get a rainy day, i'll do some updates on these parts.

1.5 week more vacation to go. 


Op 15 jun. 2020 18:11 schreef Bob Wooden via samba <samba at lists.samba.org>:

Have followed Louis' scripts to setup Debian 10 (Buster?) with Samba 
4.12.3 DC and member servers on his github "thctlo/Samba4" page. 

Worked thru Louis' script notes and have functional DC and member server 
on new subdomain like ad.samdom.example.com. (Thanks for all the 
suggestions, Rowland.) 

Louis (hope your back from vacation?) are your suggested settings in 
part 3.3 /The "Samba MEMBER" (FILE-SERVER) server setup/ current? In, 
part 3.3, you suggest 1751 permissions while part 3.2 you suggest 1750 

Your suggested file permissions of 1750 or 1751 for /home/samba/ are not 
allowing profiles to be written to /home/samba/profiles (below 

I have reviewed and checked Windows ACL settings based on what I read in 
the /Sambawiki Roaming Windows User Profiles/ page and my setting match 
(including setting the "disable inheritance"). 

But, I cannot get profiles to save in the /home/samba/profiles directory 
of the member server? 

IMHO, clearly a permissions issue. 

Questions or suggestions, please? 

sent from my laptop 
Bob Wooden 

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