[Samba] Patches for OpenVMS && Samba4

Swift Griggs sgriggs at parsec.com
Thu Jun 11 23:02:04 UTC 2020

Refer to this: 

I noticed that VSI, the new owners of VMS, have created a package for 
Samba4 under OpenVMS. I also notice the samba-vms list appears to be 
abandoned (for years). So, I apologize for posting here on the general 
list, but it seemed fruitless trying the dedicated list.

I am under the impression that the GPL v3 compels all code that extends 
Samba to be released under the GPL. I'm currently hacking on and building 
bits of Samba4 for VMS. I'd like to add/start with the changes which 
appear to make Samba already run on VMS.

However, grepping through the source, I'm coming up short. I also don't 
see any DCL scripts or a large number of #defines or #includes that would 
indicate to me that this has been, at some point, ported to VMS.

Can someone set me straight? Where is this code or is it already in some 
branch of the VCS ?

Thanks in advance to all.

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