[Samba] Patches for OpenVMS && Samba4

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at samba.org
Fri Jun 12 00:51:07 UTC 2020

On Thu, 2020-06-11 at 17:02 -0600, Swift Griggs via samba wrote:
> Refer to this: 
> https://legacyos.org/vsi-introduces-new-samba-release/
> I noticed that VSI, the new owners of VMS, have created a package
> for 
> Samba4 under OpenVMS. I also notice the samba-vms list appears to be 
> abandoned (for years). So, I apologize for posting here on the
> general 
> list, but it seemed fruitless trying the dedicated list.

I can't find any evidence in the source code for new patches to have
Samba build on VMS, it certainly wasn't something we actively targetted
when we moved from autoconf to WAF with Samba 4.1.

Another 'odd' target, Stratos VOS had patches in Samba for a time, but
instead worked to make Samba build without changes, by instead
improving their own systems to be more compatible with Linux.

Perhaps OpenVFS did the same?

> I am under the impression that the GPL v3 compels all code that
> extends 
> Samba to be released under the GPL. I'm currently hacking on and
> building 
> bits of Samba4 for VMS. I'd like to add/start with the changes which 
> appear to make Samba already run on VMS.

It is always best to start with working code.  It would be best if VSI
would pro-actively submit such changes.

> However, grepping through the source, I'm coming up short. I also
> don't 
> see any DCL scripts or a large number of #defines or #includes that
> would 
> indicate to me that this has been, at some point, ported to VMS.

> Can someone set me straight? Where is this code or is it already in
> some 
> branch of the VCS ?

Not likely.  Anything that does exist in more than a very-WIP form by
an individual developer will be in master (we don't keep around
official feature branches).

This is the first I've heard of VMS in most of the 20 years I've been
around Samba.  Of course I saw the old list but don't recall patches to
support it, even in the autoconf days.

However I do know the standard-bearer for OpenVMS was John E. Malmberg

When I was last closing old OpenVMS bugs this was the most recent port 

I could find: http://www.ccsscorp.com/VMSblog/index.php?m=05&y=16&entry=entry160521-083131

All the best for your search!

Andrew Bartlett

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