[Samba] Ubuntu 20.04 setup

L.P.H. van Belle belle at bazuin.nl
Fri Jun 5 09:16:27 UTC 2020


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> Hi,
> I tend to avoid thinking in distribution's terms, trying to rely on
> underlying methods which are the (generally) the same across different
> platforms and distributions.

Well here i disagree a bit, there is some notible difference in debian based systems and
Red hat based systems. 

> I believe the Samba wiki explains quite well how to make 
> things work for Samba as file server or for Samba as AD DC using common 
> tools. Even for PAM
> configuration which is kind of a mess, the wiki gives nice advices...

I think here most "make a mess" themself, change to much, where you can use 90% of the defaults.
For example, i dont change anything manualy in pam. 
And everything works great here and i do use things as NFSv4 kerberized with automounts for example
For most hard to configure in general but thats an easy one. 

Yes, the wiki explains perfectly but its not optimize per OS and it can be bit of a maze for new people.
I do and have optimized my setups for debian/ubuntu and i challenge everyone to make a faster and
better working setup with minimal changes to system supplied files, compaired to how im set up now.
I hope someone can, because, i'll learn from it and my systems will improve then also ;-) 

A default setup compaired to my optimzed setup, well give about 5-10% speedup minimal.
Less software, less security updates due that, less risk, less overhead, faster responding. 

But again, its an opinion, mine, you might disagree and thats totaly fine.

Just as example. 
My AD-DC.  
/dev/xvda1                                    6.0G  2.1G  3.6G  36% /
Only 2.1GB in use. 
Samba-ad-dc bind9 postfix snmp nfs (+automounting) ntp ssh syslog 

Ad-DC Mem use: ( in MB ) 
              total        used        free      shared  buff/cache   available
Mem:           1968         895         476          22         596         875
Swap:          1895           0        1895

Network, about 12 server, 70 users, 150 groups, 60 pc's. 
About 6000 objects in AD. 

Ok back to work, need to finish up things and prepair thing for my collage



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