[Samba] Ubuntu 20.04 setup

Gregory Sloop gregs at sloop.net
Thu Jun 4 17:17:22 UTC 2020

Louis, et al. Hi!

So, I'm working on a 20.04 setup. 
I think I'll still use the distro version and not Louis' packages. [No offense Louis - I just need to be sure if (forbid) anything happens to Louis, his packages aren't going to be supported any more, and I'll be on my own for security updates etc. The 20.04 versions are pretty current, and I think will meet my needs for the life of the distro. If not, I can always re-evaluate that at the time.]

So, is there anything new in 20.04 I need to be aware of vs 18.04? systemd.resolved seemed to be the biggest "gotcha" previously.
Anything else that's different in 20.04 I should be aware of?

I'm planning on using the 18.04 walk-through you [Louis] did 18mo or so ago - with a few changes to meet my needs. (eg. I'm using internal DNS, not BIND9, etc.)


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