[Samba] DC disaster recovery

Gregory Sloop gregs at sloop.net
Mon Jul 13 23:25:41 UTC 2020

So, I'm generally running my DC's in VM's on Xen [XCP-NG].
And I'm considering recovery from different disaster situations - say a crashed/corrupt DC. Or hardware failure.

Yes, I could run a second VM with a second DC. But unless I setup another XCP server and put the VM on that - the biggest threat to the current VM/DC is the hardware it's running on. So, it really doesn't make a lot of sense to run a second DC on the same VM hardware, in an attempt to make it more resilient, IMO.

I backup the VM's [XOA, in this case] - and was wondering about what the best recovery procedure would be.

In short, restoring the VM from the XOA backup, in it's entirety, is quick and painless. 
[A hardware equivalent of DD'ing the disk to a new machine, I think.]

I obviously get that if I restore a backup or snapshot from, say, a week ago - that any changes to AD since the backup will be lost.

But lets assume I've not made any serious changes I really have to have to AD. 
Are there any other serious problems with restoring an earlier version of the AD VM that would really cause serious issues?

[Obviously the original VM can't come back up, as that's going to cause all sorts of havoc - because we'll have two different AD-DC's that think they're authoritative for the domain. But outside of that...]

I did a search of the list, but didn't find anything very specific easily.


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