[Samba] Provisioning fails - Codebase question

Rowland penny rpenny at samba.org
Wed Feb 12 15:48:33 UTC 2020

On 12/02/2020 01:36, michael at chameleonoriginals.com wrote:
> I've been following the whole process outlined at 
> https://wiki.samba.org/index.php/Build_Samba_from_Source.  Of course, 
> I've run update/upgrade.  I have already downloaded and executed the 
> bootstrap script for Ubuntu 18.04 from the page you mention.  After 
> this, ./configure starts with a large number of "NOT FOUND" warnings.  
> I traced those items down and installed them after the bootstrap.  
> Those unmentioned dependencies are included in the script I'm using to 
> create and repeat the process when it fails.
Can you supply a list of the extra dependencies you installed, it is my 
understanding that the packages in the bootstrap scripts are all that is 
required to build Samba
>>> After nearly two hours of apparent success in the compile process, 
>>> it completely blows up with a huge number of "libsamba-passdb.so: 
>>> <different function names> has been removed - please update major 
>>> version"
>> No real idea about this, perhaps missing dependencies leading to 
>> something not being built.
> libsamba-passdb.so is part of the samba source downloaded for the 
> build process.  The error implies (to me) that one or more of the 
> source files wasn't properly updated (I'd assume libsamba-passdb.so or 
> files it depends upon) in the source package.  But I acknowledge that 
> I'm a total noob at building from source.
My understanding is that you download the Samba tarball, unpack it and 
cd into the directory created, then, as a normal user, run 
'./configure', then 'make'. If everything finishes successfully, you 
then run 'make install' as root, and all of Samba is installed into 
/usr/local/samba. This all depends on the required dependencies being 
installed. If there is a version of Samba installed, you need to ensure 
that the Samba binaries etc in /usr/local/samba are used before the 
distro binaries by altering the environment PATH.
>>> I will be stepping back a few releases for the next attempt, but am 
>>> wondering if you could point me to a "build from source for dummies" 
>>> that doesn't fit the standard mold by speaking as if the user has 
>>> done so for years?
>> Not really, I haven't built Samba for sometime, but it was very 
>> simple, install the correct dependencies, run (as a normal user) 
>> './configure', followed by 'make', followed by (as root) 'make 
>> install'. This should lead to all of Samba being installed in 
>> /usr/local/samba
> Everything is run as root (the only user on a first-boot 
> EspressoBin).  This is part of a bash script-package repo I'm building 
> on GitHub, which will allow a total Linux noob to take an EspressoBin 
> straight out of the box and then configure it as one of multiple 
> configurations.

Can you provide a link to your github page ?


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