[Samba] Provisioning fails - Codebase question

michael at chameleonoriginals.com michael at chameleonoriginals.com
Wed Feb 12 01:36:11 UTC 2020

> On 2020-02-11 01:38, Rowland penny via samba wrote:
>> On 10/02/2020 22:34, michael at chameleonoriginals.com wrote:
>> I should have included this in the last response.  The ExpressoBin v7 
>> has a Marvell Armada 3700LP (88F3720) dual core ARM Cortex A53 (arm64) 
>> CPU, 1GB RAM.
>> Seeing that Samba 4.7.6 isn't working, I have stepped into building 
>> Samba from source (first attempt was 4.11.6).  After identifying quite 
>> a few dependencies not listed on Samba's own page identifying Ubuntu 
>> 18.04 dependencies, the make process seemed to go fairly well (but 
>> with quite a few warnings).  Note that I'm giving Samba the benefit of 
>> the doubt since I'm doing this on a SoC rather than a full PC or 
>> server.
> Which set of dependencies did you follow ?
> On our wiki page: 
> https://wiki.samba.org/index.php/Package_Dependencies_Required_to_Build_Samba
> There are two sets, an older set (that may or may not be correct) or 
> the ones that you should follow, these are under the heading 'Verified 
> Package Dependencies'

I've been following the whole process outlined at 
https://wiki.samba.org/index.php/Build_Samba_from_Source.  Of course, 
I've run update/upgrade.  I have already downloaded and executed the 
bootstrap script for Ubuntu 18.04 from the page you mention.  After 
this, ./configure starts with a large number of "NOT FOUND" warnings.  I 
traced those items down and installed them after the bootstrap.  Those 
unmentioned dependencies are included in the script I'm using to create 
and repeat the process when it fails.

>> After nearly two hours of apparent success in the compile process, it 
>> completely blows up with a huge number of "libsamba-passdb.so: 
>> <different function names> has been removed - please update major 
>> version"
> No real idea about this, perhaps missing dependencies leading to 
> something not being built.

libsamba-passdb.so is part of the samba source downloaded for the build 
process.  The error implies (to me) that one or more of the source files 
wasn't properly updated (I'd assume libsamba-passdb.so or files it 
depends upon) in the source package.  But I acknowledge that I'm a total 
noob at building from source.

>> I will be stepping back a few releases for the next attempt, but am 
>> wondering if you could point me to a "build from source for dummies" 
>> that doesn't fit the standard mold by speaking as if the user has done 
>> so for years?
> Not really, I haven't built Samba for sometime, but it was very simple, 
> install the correct dependencies, run (as a normal user) './configure', 
> followed by 'make', followed by (as root) 'make install'. This should 
> lead to all of Samba being installed in /usr/local/samba

Everything is run as root (the only user on a first-boot EspressoBin).  
This is part of a bash script-package repo I'm building on GitHub, which 
will allow a total Linux noob to take an EspressoBin straight out of the 
box and then configure it as one of multiple configurations.  The main 
script which installs Samba asks all of the necessary questions at the 
very beginning of the process.  It then allows the user to step away for 
a while (two-plus hours in the case of an AD DC, as it appears) as it 
installs and configures everything via silent install, altering 
configuration files and debconf-set-selections.  The script then assigns 
the user-entered password for root and creates a non-root sudo user with 
password.  A primary goal is to not have a single point of user 
interaction between the initial questions and the "all done" 

One of my goals with this script is to share my love of the EspressoBin 
and Linux with others.  I want this to allow more experienced users 
(like me) to take advantage of the hardware.  I also want to give 
less-advanced users the ability to poke around with the EspressoBin and 
Linux without feeling hopeless seeing all of the background information 
that is essential for installing and configuring a system and software 
like this.  The whole repo is built upon teaching users.  The scripts 
include almost as much commentary as executable code, explaining what 
nearly every command issued is doing and why it is needed.
> If you want to build Samba packages, then perhaps Louis can help here 
> (when he gets time), he builds packages for the raspberrypi.

I'd love to hear from Louis.  I love the RasPi and currently have eight 
of them performing a number of roles in my home computing environment.  
I switched to the EspressoBin for this project since it has USB3 
support, USB2 support, a SATA3 port, 3 gigabit network ports, with 
ethernet and USB NOT dramatically limiting each other.  Drive <-> 
network throughput is easily 6x on the EspressoBin vs. the RasPi, while 
still less than $100 US including SD card.  As a Samba file server, it 
dramatically outperforms my QNAP, which costs more than four times as 
> Rowland

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