[Samba] Newbie question: Spaces in share names

L.P.H. van Belle belle at bazuin.nl
Wed Feb 5 10:08:25 UTC 2020

Hai Andrew, 

Yes, its a total different service i showed.

I use it because of the clear text there, and if everything is kept within these guidelines.
You never see errors, thats all im saying, why i also said.. "its not wrong".. 
Its all about "haveing a trouble free" network, thats why i `adviced` not to use spaces. 

> Samba certainly doesn't care, everything is a string to us, where the
> special characters are just those listed above as actually special (space isn't).

Sure, Samba not, and yes, i know about https://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-crhertel-smb-url-12#section-10 
But that is not complete if you setup a network and I also take account off possible other software. 
And thats to hard to read for most people..

Per example, same thing, to prevent problems..  Its the same with DNS and AD design. 
And looking at table 6.2 here: 

So if you want to setup so its most compatible
- hostname , min 1, max 15 characters, a-Z,0-9, -
- DNS domain name, max total FQDN 254 characters, include the dot's. 
    And 254-15, results in 239 characters left for the domain.tld part. 
So in this example, any 254 character long unc path is ok, right, no.. 

The FQDN for an Active Directory domain name is limited to 64 bytes. 
There is more to above in combination with the DNS RFC's. but that even more out of scope here. 

This is why i show these things.
Im telling people this because, i run samba 4 now about 5 years, and im using samba over 18 year now. 
i upgraded as of 4.1.x All the way up, i have never/hardly problems, if i had one, its was a (samba) bug. 
I may not be a coder, but i do know my stuff of setting up stable networks, 
its only based on 30years being a sysadmin.. Please remember that. 

I dont want argue this but, please know, even then info i show a link that might not be 100% correct. 
The result will be a happy sysadmin with no problems with any software. 

But, i'll respect your comments, i'll post the correct link next time. 
I'll be more precise to the question asked, because even with 30y experiance,
i still learn every day. 



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