[Samba] Newbie question: Spaces in share names

Reindl Harald h.reindl at thelounge.net
Tue Feb 4 21:34:22 UTC 2020

Am 04.02.20 um 22:12 schrieb James Cartner-Young (Sandal Computers) via
> Hello.
> I hope you are all well.
> A quick question as I am trying to fix some bugs and just wondering
> where the fault lies - Does the Samba daemon/client specification
> (Windows version or otherwise) support spaces within share names (not at
> the start, but after the first alphanumeric character and before the last)?
> For example is "My Document Share" a valid share name, which
> "\\Servername\My Document Share" would then point to?
> I have searched various guides and the Samba wiki, but, strangely, found
> nothing relating to my searches.
> I ask as I have a share with a space in it which shared fine from the
> BSD server and worked fine on my Linux Mint desktop client. However,
> recently, a core component (possibly after an update? I'm not 100% sure)
> has been misbehaving with this particular share... The share happens to
> be where all my business data is kept, so it's quite important that I
> have consistent access to it.
> I understand some folk shudder at the thought, but I was assuming that
> it was being handled fine, until now.

as admin just remove space and shift key from yor keyboard, it's that easy

spaces have all sort of side effects depending on the client application
and always hd - i would prefer smbd just exit with a fatal error

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