[Samba] Question about ldb size

me at tdiehl.org me at tdiehl.org
Mon Dec 21 18:18:55 UTC 2020


I have an AD domain running 2 4.12.10 DCs. The domain has approx 150 users and
approx 200 devices.

In looking at the size of one of the .ldb files I see the following:
(vdc4 pts7) # ll -h /usr/local/samba/bind-dns/dns/sam.ldb.d/DC\=DOMAINDNSZONES\,DC\=KMG\,DC\=KEENANMOTORGROUP\,DC\=COM.ldb 
-rw-rw----. 2 root named 3.3G Dec 21 13:05 '/usr/local/samba/bind-dns/dns/sam.ldb.d/DC=DOMAINDNSZONES,DC=KMG,DC=KEENANMOTORGROUP,DC=COM.ldb'
(vdc4 pts7) #

If I understand things the max size of these files is 4GB.

My questions are:
1. Is this a reasonable size for a domain this size?
2. If this is reasonable, what is the best course forward?
3. If this seems large for a domain this size how do I troubleshoot this?
4. Is there a way to reduce/compress the size of the .ldb?
5. Am I correct that if the ldb files get to 4GB they will stop working/corrupt?


Tom			me at tdiehl.org

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