[Samba] Creating a new Samba BDC and promoting to PDC

Rowland penny rpenny at samba.org
Wed Aug 26 17:42:59 UTC 2020

On 26/08/2020 18:29, Simon Matthews via samba wrote:
> Thanks for stopping me from wasting a lot of time with CentOS. Would
> Ubuntu work?
Yes, 20.04 comes with 4.11.x
> Reading the document, it looks like I don't actually have to get the new
> DC running before the Classic Upgrade -- I just need to have the files
> in appropriate locations. Is this correct?

If you go down the classic upgrade route, you definitely do not 
provision a DC, the script does it for you using information from your 
old domain.

There are two schools of thought, if you do the classic upgrade, you get 
all your users and groups etc from your old domain, along with any old 
ways of doing things (using RIDs for Unix IDs etc). The second is to 
create a new AD domain, this way you can specify just what Unix IDs etc. 
Either way has its plus and minus points.

Which ever way you go, I would suggest testing it in a walled off 
network, so you can iron out any problems before doing it for real.

Good luck ;-)


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