[Samba] Set write permission for an user into a specific LDAP field...

Marco Gaiarin gaio at sv.lnf.it
Wed Aug 26 09:29:17 UTC 2020

No one reply, so i try to clarify better.

> I need to have an AD user that need to *write* in an users LDAP field.
> The user case is a MFP (a set of MFP, indeed) that have RFID auth, and
> so need to 'register' the RFID cards ID.

The system works with direct LDAP access via some credential; if i
temporary put the credential of an administrator, the MFPs write
correctly in LDAP the ID of the card.
So, MFPs side, the system seems to work.

> Seems to me that i have to use dsacl/samba-tool acl ds, but i don't
> found a way to set the property for every user.
> EG, assign write permission to user 'mfp' to field 'pager' for every
> user, current and future ones.

Clearly, have MFPs to write in LDAP data with administrators power is
not a good policy; i'm looking if there's a way to set LDAP ACLs so a
particular user can write to a particular field (in this example,
'pager'), and only this, for all users.

> It is possible? Thanks.


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