[Samba] Removing IP address from DC

William Edwards wedwards at cyberfusion.nl
Thu Apr 30 09:42:17 UTC 2020

> No, you are thinking in the wrong direction, there is absolutely no
> reason to use IPv6 internally. IPv6 only came about because of the
> shortage of IPv4 addresses for global internet addresses, you can and
> should use IPv4 addresses internally.

I wholeheartedly disagree. The next generation of network engineers should be completely IPv6-focused to increase IPv6 adoption rates on the internet. Using IPv4 internally will only steer them in the direction of using IPv4 on the internet as well, as the protocols require different levels of knowledge.

> However, it is your network and
> you can decide to not use best practise.

I think a product that requires use of IPv4 as best practice should reconsider its recommended configuration methods and philosophy. IPv6 is the future. Users should be steered towards using future-proof internet protocols, even if there is no absolute necessity to use them internally; increasing its adoption rates in any network will improve adoption rates.

Anyway, I highly doubt this mailing list is the right place to discuss this. My question was answered in your first reply, for which I would like to thank you.


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