[Samba] Samba update cause windows incorrect password

L.P.H. van Belle belle at bazuin.nl
Tue Apr 28 09:39:08 UTC 2020

Sure, i have a suggestion. 

security = user ? In samba 4.9.x ?  And using domain logings?? 

Run man smb.conf
Search : security = 


Then goto : map to guest (G) 
Read that. 

Then goto : security (G) 
And read that also. 

I think you didnt read the complete changelog between 4.5.x and 4.9.x also ;-)

>> To be able to loing, I've to select Other User, enter username and
>> password and all works fine. But if I logout and enter the same
>> password, Windows tells me "Incorrect password".

If you do that, your typing DOM\username ? Or only "username"  

Because, all windows logings now using COMPUTERNAME\username localy. 
So if you enter "username" for the PDC login it passes " COMPUTERNAME\username" to samba most probely.

I hope above helps you a bit, but as far i can see above is only a configuration issue. 
You need to review the config and setup for security=domain. 



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> > This may seem a bit obvious, but do you have
> > any saved credentials in Windows Credential Manager (that
> > can be botching things up)?
> No other suggestion to solve this annoying problem?
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