[Samba] Share inaccessible intermittently and often - restarting smb cures for short time

Rich Webb rwebb at zylatech.com
Thu Apr 23 16:58:16 UTC 2020


I'm running Samba 4.12.1 both as a domain controller on one box (DC1) and as a joined member on another box for a file server (FS1). 

I have three shares on FS1 and intermittently I am getting a message that says "\\fs1\shared is not accessible. You might not have permissions to use this network resource. Contact the administrator of this server to find out if you have access permissions. The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process." 

Now when this is happening on one share it might not be on one of the other two. Sometimes it happens on all of them. This morning I copied a file over to shared and the copy completed but the window didn't update and the file did not show up so I went to refresh the screen and got the error. If I wait long enough or go back and forth between different shares it will again become accessible but when I go to FS1 and restart the smb service I can again access it. It is happening very frequently. Almost every time I want to use the server for something. 

Both of these installs were built from source. If you need the configure commands I used I can provide that as well. 

Here is my smb.conf for DC1 and FS1: 

# Global parameters 
dns forwarder = 
netbios name = DC1 
server role = active directory domain controller 
workgroup = DOMAIN 

path = /var/locks/sysvol 
read only = No 

path = /var/locks/sysvol/domain.local/scripts 
read only = No 


netbios name = FS1 
workgroup = DOMAIN 
security = ADS 

idmap config *:backend = tdb 
idmap config *:range = 2000-9999 
idmap config DOMAIN:backend = rid 
idmap config DOMAIN:range = 10000-999999 

winbind enum users = yes 
winbind enum groups = yes 

vfs objects = acl_xattr 
map acl inherit = Yes 
store dos attributes = Yes 

writeable = yes 
path = /server/shared 

browseable = no 
path = /server/installs 
writeable = yes 

writeable = yes 
path = /server/media 

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