[Samba] Wiki Page Revisions

L.P.H. van Belle belle at bazuin.nl
Tue Oct 29 13:59:38 UTC 2019


Personaly, i agree with Todd, having a few clear examples with the samba versionnumbering in it. 

How about, adding a sub page in : 

With something like a section that shows :  "User contributed examples"

Rowland *(and Ralph), what do you guys think? Why not add a section like that for most things. 
That give Ralph room to add he wants and the sub allow users to add examples based on : OS, samba Verion or something else. 



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> Onderwerp: [Samba] Wiki Page Revisions
> When I created the User Documentation page "Configure Samba 
> to Work Better with Mac OS X”, my intent was to help others 
> in the same situation I am:  I have a WD MyCloud (Gen1) 
> running an old version of samba (4.3.11) with no expectation 
> that the firmware would be upgraded for the latest & greatest 
> samba.  The device is still usable, but was not optimized for 
> Macs, so I ssh’d into the device to modify the smb.conf based 
> on the man pages of that version of samba and vfs_fruit.  I 
> had noted in the wiki in which version of samba various 
> parameters had either appeared or changed to help others with 
> non-current versions of samba.
> Slowfranklin has removed most of my original wiki, presumably 
> to bring it up to current defaults, however, it makes it more 
> difficult for users with old versions of samba.  I would like 
> to revert it to my 22 Apr 2019 version, but don’t want to get 
> into back & forth edits with Slowfranklin.
> Slowfranklin, if you are reading this, can I get your 
> agreement to revert.  If you have any changes for more recent 
> (or current) samba version, we could just note it in the wiki.
> Todd
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