[Samba] Issues accessing ZFS-shares on Linux

Tootifrooti samba.2283325.n4.nabble.com at faern.net
Sun Oct 27 09:17:32 UTC 2019

On Sunday, October 27, 2019 9:47 AM, Rowland penny via samba <samba at lists.samba.org> wrote:

> On 26/10/2019 22:51, tootifrooti via samba wrote:
> > > Is there any way to still use systemd to manage smbd or do I have to
> > > just always start it manually?
> > > Did you ever find a solution to this problem? I'm experiencing a very
> > > similar problem right now. When running samba via systemd any access to a
> > > share on a zfs filesystem results in the `make_connection_snum: canonicalize_connect_path failed for service <share name>, path /path/to/share` error. Running smbd manually does not have the same problem.
> >
> > However, when I strace smbd (both under systemd and when running myself) I
> > can't see any failed lstat calls. As a matter of fact, I can't see the path
> > to my share anywhere in the trace at all. This is where my problem is a bit
> > different than yours.
> > SELinux does not report any errors. So I don't think that's to blame?
> > I'm running Fedora 30 server and ZoL 0.8.1
> Is 'smbd' running ?

Yes. Both me and OP ran smbd under strace and got this problem. We would not be able to strace it if it was not actually running.

I can access shares on on non-zfs mount points just fine. It's only when accessing zfs shares that this error comes up. And only when running under systemd. Yes I have started and restarted the smb systemd service many times long after boot, it's not something related to it being started before the disks are decrypted or anything.

A thread on the zfs mailing list (that also ended with no conclusion) mentioned mount namespaces. But `/proc/<pid>/mountinfo` is identical for my smbd processes when running under systemd and smbd.

> Jeremy was replying to the OP (who was running Samba as a standalone
> server) but the thread seemed to come to an abrupt end without
> conclusion, but, after rereading the the thread, one thing seemed a
> possible problem. In the OPs 'smbd' systemd file there was this:
> After=network.target nmbd.service winbind.service
> Now, I am not a systemd expert, but that seems to say that 'smbd' will
> not be started until after the network, nmbd and winbind are started.
> This to me is very strange, yes, you definitely want the network up, but
> you do not actually need the other two on a standalone server and
> 'winbind' might not even be installed. If I read it correctly, 'smbd'
> will never start if 'winbind' isn't installed.
> Rowland
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