[Samba] Samba domain users AWOL from Samba file server.

Rowland penny rpenny at samba.org
Tue Oct 22 17:21:38 UTC 2019

On 22/10/2019 17:56, John Redmond via samba wrote:
> Using samba-tool on my samba DC, I created several users.  On my separate
> samba file server, joined to the domain, all the users are listed as
> belonging to Domain Users ( getent group "Domain Users").  However, several
> domain users are missing from the passwd database on the file server (i.e.,
> nothing returned when I run getent passwd user3).   Why would that be?
> Each user has its own uidNumber set using the Windows ADUC RSAT tool.
> Thank you.
> John Redmond

If you are using the 'ad' backend for the main domain on a Unix domain 
member, then you will have a line similar to this:

idmap config DOMAIN : range = 10000-199999

Provided Domain Users has a gidNumber attribute containing a number 
inside the range set in smb.conf (10000-199999 above) and the users have 
a uidNumber attribute containing a unique number in the same range, then 
they should be found by getent. Any uidNumber attributes containing 
numbers outside the range will be ignored.


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