[Samba] "ea support = yes" and "map acl inherit = yes"

Matthias Leopold matthias.leopold at meduniwien.ac.at
Mon Oct 14 13:53:57 UTC 2019


I'm running Samba 4.8 servers with Windows ACL enabled shares (following 
This manual demands to set

map acl inherit = yes
store dos attributes = yes

and requires extended attribute support from the share file system. So 
far, so good. Now I shall upgrade to CentOS 7.7 which brings Samba 4.9 
which changes "ea support" parameter default "yes". I don't know how 
this relates to the above parameters.

For "store dos attributes" man smb.conf says "This extended attribute is 
explicitly hidden from smbd clients requesting an EA list". What about 
"map acl inherit" and user.SAMBA_PAI? Is it safe to have "ea support = 
yes" and and "map acl inherit = yes"? What are the benefits?


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