[Samba] how to automatically create the home directory

Mason Schmitt mason at ftlcomputing.com
Sat Oct 12 01:18:21 UTC 2019

> Just tried on a W10 PC and it doesn't work for me, I just get:
> The \\raspberrypi.samdom.example.com\users\rowland home folder was not
> created because the path was not found. This could be caused by listing
> non-existent folders or by not finding the server or share. The user
> account has been updated with the new home folder value but you must
> create the folder manually.
> Windows can find the computer and the homes share, so, unless I am
> missing something, this doesn't work for me.

I currently have 5 different offices (around 50 users) in which I've used
this method of creating home folders.  However, it doesn't appear that the
folder creation is related to the user's first successful connection to the
file server, because as soon as I add the home folder path to the account
profile in ADUC, I immediately see the user's home directory created on the
Samba file server.  I don't yet understand the mechanism and haven't had
the time to delve deeper to figure it out, but I do know that it works and
works very reliably.

If it would be helpful for me to post my smb.conf files (DC and file
server), just let me know.



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