[Samba] Fwd: LARGE folder/filesystem shared to Win 2k.

Duffy W. samba.org at duffyweber.com
Sat Nov 9 13:55:49 UTC 2019

Hi all. Got a strange question for you (it's for an industrial setting.)

I have a large folder (15TB) on a *buntu server that I'd like to have 
available to a Windows 2000 Server VM machine (don't ask.)

The host filesystem is ext4, but Samba shouldn't care about that.

What I'm wondering is will Windows be able to access/utilize all the 
space on that, or is it going to start erroring out at Windows' max 
partition size?

(I've looked around and I can't find where anyone's addressed the 
question, and I don't particularly want to tinker with a client's old 
bubble-gum-and-duct-tape setup to test.  We're replacing it eventually 
but for now, we just kinda need to get it working.)


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