[Samba] Debian Buster Samba 4.11.2 package are now online for amd64/i386 and NEW armhf.

L.P.H. van Belle belle at bazuin.nl
Fri Nov 1 13:02:37 UTC 2019

If updated the buster-samba411 for amd64/i386 and NEW armhf support is added.

Debian Buster    samba 4.11.2
Repo info : https://apt.van-belle.nl/ 

Buildlogs are also coming online, you can find these here for samba 4.11.2 

Next inline for the 4.11.2 packages, Ubuntu Bionic (amd64/i386).
The build process for these has started today, when read? .. When they are ready.. ;-) 
In pipeline also Raspbian.. 

If you upgrading from 4.10. 
Use : apt-get dist-upgrade --autoremove --purge
This removed and purges old files and installs/upgrades at the same time. 
You might notice and error due to an override of one file. 

2 solutions.
- force to overwrite it. 
- remove samba and install it again.  ! Dont use --purge.. 
apt-get remove samba winbind --autoremove 
apt-get install samba winbind 

Do test the packages before you put these in production. 

My personal guideline. 
X.yy.0 . Only for testing / home use / standalone
X.yy.1 . Only for testing / home use / standalone
X.yy.2 . First one to enter producution, only as Domain Members.
X.yy.3 . First one to enter producution, only as Domain Members / Start testing AD-DC setups.
X.yy.4 . First one to enter producution, as AD-DC. 

Have fun with these.. 

And have a great weekend. 


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