[Samba] RPC Server Unavailable - Error

Anantha Raghava raghav at exzatechconsulting.com
Thu Jun 20 09:49:20 UTC 2019


This morning, again we encountered the same issue. When RSAT reported 
the RPC Server error, the replication between servers was failing as well.

As you suggested, we rung the dbcheck command, which threw the mismatch 
on count of deleted objects. 3 servers had 3 entries in deleted objects 
whereas the 4th server had 4 entries in deleted objects. samba-tool 
dbcheck --reindex did not fix this part. We ran samba-tool dbcheck fix 
--cross-ncs --fix command on all severs and this fixed the mismatch in 
number of objects. Again we ran samba-tool dbchek --reindex on all 4 

The problem seems to have got fixed. We have kept the servers under 
observation. For the moment, we have raised the log level to 5. In case 
the issue surfaces once again, I will notify here with logs as well.

Thanks for your guidance.

Thanks & regards,

Anantha Raghava

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On 18/06/19 4:54 pm, L.P.H. van Belle via samba wrote:
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>> Onderwerp: Re: [Samba] RPC Server Unavailable - Error
>> On 18/06/2019 12:02, Anantha Raghava via samba wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> We did not upgrade in the real sense of upgrade. We did not
>> directly
>>> apply the patch on the servers. Our steps were as follows:
>> You can reduce that down to 'we upgraded directly to 4.10.x
>> from 4.7.x'
>> Can I also suggest that you stop upgrading that way, if you
>> do it often
>> enough, you will eventually exhaust the ridpool
>>> We have to run samba-tool dbcheck and check the output. I
>> will update
>>> it back here.
>>> Do I have to run this command on all 4 servers? or one server which
>>> looks like giving trouble?
>> You should only need to run it once on the PDC Emulator role owner,
>> replication should do the rest.
>> If this doesn't work, then I would suggest you start downgrading again.
> If it looks if downgrading is needed, then first try to run : samba-tool dbcheck --reindex
> That might help fixing it. ( run it on every DC ) !
> And beware the the RPC ports have changed, so do check.
> https://wiki.samba.org/index.php/Samba_AD_DC_Port_Usage   Dynamic RPC Ports
> Greetz,
> Louis

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