[Samba] Trust relationship error between workstation and primary domain

Rowland penny rpenny at samba.org
Mon Jun 3 15:39:12 UTC 2019

On 03/06/2019 16:31, Dania Ramirez Moya via samba wrote:
> Hello list:
> I've had several errors of this type in different workstations. I am
> worried that every time there are more PCs with this problem. To fix it
> I've had rejoin to domain. It's something crash on DC?. Any help will be
> grateful.
> Best regards

Sorry, but you haven't really given us anything to go on, what you have 
given us is basically 'it doesn't work'

What is the DC, a Windows DC or a Samba DC

If a Windows DC, what version ?

If a Samba DC, what OS and what Samba version

What are the clients you are joining to domain ?

Please post the smb.conf files from any Samba computers.


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