[Samba] Syncing Sysvol

Joachim Lindenberg samba at lindenberg.one
Wed Jul 17 12:28:18 UTC 2019

>I'm assuming a star topology where only the PDC Emulator has a writable Sysvol, and all "secondary" DCs are pulling from it. For my use cases, this
 >drastically simplifies the problem.  If the PDC Emulator is not available, the organization will be focused on restoring it; not on creating new GPOs.
I´d prefer not to assume star only, as you may want to avoid replicating multiple times via a slow link. Obviously this would require a modification or configuration option where to pull changes from (pdc being the default only).

>In that case, as long as libsmbclient maintains the SMB connection to the primary, I think we can be sure that we won't miss any Sysvol changes. If the
>SMB connection dies, then we can re-connect, and perform a full sync.  Yes?
I would prefer not to rely on this assumption. And monitoring a (local copy) of DNS is for sure more scalable then many connections (star).
Regards, Joachim

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