[Samba] Problem after upgrading to Debian 10

Alberto José García Fumero alberto at ettpartagas.co.cu
Mon Jul 15 21:12:08 UTC 2019

El lun, 15-07-2019 a las 20:25 +0100, Rowland penny via samba escribió:
>   I have got ask, why are you bothering with the Samba AD DC, the 
> standalone server has nothing to do with a domain.
> You really should upgrade from wheezy, I don't know if you noticed,
> but 
> Debian 10 has just been released.
> Rowland
Well, the fact is, I have to. My workstation is now a Debian 10 one,
all right, but the Debian Wheezy with Samba 4 ADS I can not change, at
least for the moment. I do need to access the shared resources as I did
until the upgrade of my workstation. And I'd prefer not to join my
workstation to the ADS, except if this is the only solution.

For the moment, I am able to mount shared resources of the Windows
boxes in the domain using
mount -t cifs //workstation/shared-resource /mnt -o user=administrator

but of course this is not as comfortable a solution as the use of, for
instance, Nautilus.
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