[Samba] Windows ACL behaviour in standalone fileservers (LDAP vs TDB)

Matthias Leopold matthias.leopold at meduniwien.ac.at
Wed Jan 23 10:50:59 UTC 2019


I'm building and managing standalone fileservers (security = user) with 
various passdb backends. I'm noticing different behaviour of Windows 
ACLs for servers with LDAP and TDB passdb backends.

In a LDAP backed server (which I started with) I can freely add 
filesystem permissions (eg for groups) to objects (files/folders) via 
the Windows (7) permissions editor.

In a TDB backed server I can only add permission to a folder for a group 
if the containing folder has (any) permissions for that group. 
Additionally I have to enter my credentials again in the permissions 
editor, which isn't needed on the LDAP backed server.

Configuration for both servers from a "result view" looks identical to me:
- "net groupmap list" is identical
- both use "security = user" and "acl_xattr"

I'm obviously not an expert for Windows ACLs, a workmate Windows Admin 
told me that the second behaviour is what he would expect, still I'm 

Samba is 4.8.3 on CentOS 7.


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