[Samba] Using Access Control Lists with SMB2/SMB3 Mounts on Linux Clients

Kraus, Sebastian sebastian.kraus at tu-berlin.de
Tue Feb 26 15:05:12 UTC 2019

Dear all,
what is about the support for POSIX ACL in Samba protocol implementation of SMB2 and SMB3?
>From what I extracted from SNIA and SambaXP developer conference talks and as well as the official Samba Wiki, 
support for POSIX ACL in SMB2 and SMB3 has been completely abandonned. Am I right?
If so, is there any other possibility to allow Linux Clients to natively access access control lists 
(via NT Security Descriptor, NFSv4 ACL, CIFS ACL) under SMB2/SMB3 on commandline and/or from GUI applications?

We are planning to switch our production environment from NFSv4 shares to SMB shares. This is the first time 
we are getting in contact with the semantics of accessing and mounting SMB shares on Linux Clients. 
Any advice is welcome.

Thanks and Best

Sebastian Kraus

Technische Universität Berlin
Fakultät II
Institut für Chemie
Sekretariat C3
Straße des 17. Juni 135
10623 Berlin

Email: sebastian.kraus at tu-berlin.de

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