[Samba] Odd behavior since upgrading to 4.9.6

Mike Ray mray at xes-inc.com
Tue Apr 23 16:51:48 UTC 2019

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>> About a week and half ago I upgraded from 4.0.12 to 4.9.6. Overall,
>> things are functioning.
>> However, I have come across several strange behaviors and wandered if
>> anyone else has noticed similar behavior on 4.9.6 or has any
>> suggestions of what might be occurring.
>> As background information, I have 3 DCs (dc3, dc4 and dc5) -- all
>> running the same version (4.9.6) and all have the same configuration;
>> dc3 was the original holder of all 7 FSMO roles, but as of last
>> night, they were all transferred to dc4.
>> First off, all the DCs hold steady at different levels of memory
>> utilized. dc3 hovers at about 1.5 GB used, dc4 hovers at about .75 GB
>> used and dc5 hovers at a little less than .5 GB used. I think that
>> the difference in memory used might be related is the number of
>> samba/smbd processes running; dc3 has about 250 samba/smbd processes
>> running, dc4 has about 100 and dc5 has about 30. But why are so many
>> more clients connecting to dc3?
>> Secondly, dc5 has been having quirky issues ever since the upgrade. I
>> run various health checks on the DCs nightly and it seems that every
>> other day "samba-tool drs kcc dc5" from one of the other two DCs
>> fails with "ERROR(runtime): DsExecuteKCC failed - (3221356597, 'The
>> operation cannot be performed.')". dc5 also has issues creating an
>> online backup and intermittently errors out with: "ERROR(<type
>> 'exceptions.IndexError'>): uncaught exception - list index out of
>> range". I did see a note about this in the troubleshooting section of
>> the samba backup wiki page; however, the error comes and goes, so I
>> don't know if this means it is something else.
>> Lastly (and most disturbingly), I moved the FSMO roles from dc3 to
>> dc4 last night (to see if the load on dc3 was related to owning those
>> roles) and had huge instability this morning. All dcs looked OK last
>> night (I did restart samba on dc3 when the system was experiencing
>> low memory), but I cam in this morning and found that dc4 and dc5 had
>> such high loads that clients that were communicating with those DCs
>> were unable to log in. Our monitoring system saw huge CPU loads as of
>> this morning and a memory instability (jumping up and down) since
>> just after the FSMO role transfer last night. Are there known issues
>> with transferring FSMO roles that might explain the instability? Is
>> it best practice to restart samba after doing a FSMO transfer just in
>> case?
> I wonder if you are hitting this bug:
> https://bugzilla.samba.org/show_bug.cgi?id=13760
> I know it is supposed to be fixed, but I wonder ??

It looks like Andrew suggests a number of commands can be run to fix it. Think there is any chance that simply running them now may work? Or danger?

> Is there anyway you can downgrade again, then walk your way up the
> versions ?

Is there a builtin way to downgrade or official documentation on that process?

> Upgrade to 4.7.x, then 4.8.x then 4.9.x
> A new type of indexing was introduced at 4.8.0 and this lead to
> problems if you upgraded from 4.7.x (or earlier) directly to 4.9.x
> Can I also suggest you upgrade a bit more often in future ;-)
> Samba gets lots of nice things added very often.

Yes! That is the plan. :)

> Rowland
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