[Samba] disjointed namespaces with samba working?

Alexander Spannagel aspannagel at gmx.de
Thu Apr 11 12:22:44 UTC 2019


is it possible to use a so called disjointed namespaces without having
to "fake" the hosts fqdn giving it the AD-name as hostname?

We have a unix and a Windows world and each runs below it's domain.
Let's say UNIX-DOMAIN and WIN-DOMAIN. When there is the need to bring
the two worlds together the first choice is to use samba4 on unix joined
to the AD domain name the servers where needed.

Currently we need to reconfigure the FQDN of the unix server from
HOST.UNIX-DOMAIN to HOST.WIN-DOMAIN to make the join succeed. After the
join we can revert this change and all works fine. Only thing not
working is the dns-update in the WIN-DOMAIN, but that doesn't real
matter to us.

Anyhow and also knowing that Microsoft suggests not to use disjointed
namespaces it would be great, if there would be an option to change
sambas context, so it uses the realm configured in smb.conf in
conjunction with the host/netbios name to identify the FQDN to use.

So if this isn't currently working/configurable, this would be more like
an feature request.



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