[Samba] SMB2 & Mac OSX

Todd Thorson casatech19 at gmail.com
Sun Apr 7 18:41:47 UTC 2019

Have a WD MyCloud (v.1) NAS running “latest” (12Mar19) f/w which runs linux 3.2.26 & smbd 4.3.11 (yeah…both are EOL).  vfs fruit, catia & streams_xattr are included modules.
Have tweaked server smb.conf for Mac OSX (see my post for the Mac OSX-related Globals https://community.wd.com/t/solved-tweaking-samba-smb2-for-mac-androids/236189 ), however, although I was able to reduce the SMB2 packets by more than half (per wireshark), I do not get the big improvement described in https://www.sambaxp.org/archive_data/SambaXP2016-SLIDES/wed/sambaxp2016-wed-Ralph_Boehme-JuicingTheFruit.pdf . No SMB2_QUERY_DIRECTORY in any of the SMB2 packets.
Have tweaked Mac OSX devices by disabling signing (nsmb.conf)

Wireshark shows that devices are connecting at SMB2 dialect 0302; server AAPL Create Context response is: 
  “1” for server cap., volume cap., model info, READDIRATTR, macos copyfile, UNIX based, NFS ACE, case sens.
  “0” for  Resolve ID & full sync


1. Was SMB2_QUERY_DIRECTORY prior to smbd 4.3.11 and if so, what are the requirements for the client/server to implement?

2. Have poked through WD source code (which I am not comfortable doing…), but there is no vfs_fruit man page. Since testparm apparently does not check any of the vfs_fruit parameters, is there any other way of checking which parameters are valid?  I am comfortable “sshing” into the NAS and poking around and even changing configs, sysctl and the like (but not recompile a newer f/w).  Also getting comfortable with Wireshark.

3. Any changes you can recommend to the smb.conf I posted on the WD community would be greatly appreciated.  I would not mind working on a recommended smb.conf for Mac users that could be posted to wiki.samba.org including what features were implemented in which samba version.  Unfortunately manufacturers (hint WD) apparently do not test much using Macs.

Thanks for your much appreciated work.  I am not a coder, but have been using opensource since around 2000 and am a strong believer.


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