[Samba] 4.8.5 + TimeMachine = Disk identity changed on every connect, cannot backup

Dan Smolik smolik at mydatex.cz
Thu Sep 20 06:58:04 UTC 2018


I configured Samba 4.8.5 on Debian (Buster)  with vfs_fruit as a TimeMachine destination and while it detects it and does the initial backup to some extent (30GB out of 200GB),
TimeMachine then fails with a message about the disk identity having changed.
Options are “don’t backup” and “backup anyway”. When using “backup anyway”, the backup creates a secondary sparse image and starts from scratch, and won’t even touch the existing sparse image.

	My Mac is running in VirtualBox. I have using latest beta Mojave. I only found one person with same problem. I don't know if problem is in Mac or Samba.
If I use the same Mac over AFP backing up works.

	Regards  Dan

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