[Samba] Q: Samba4 AD DC & small office file sharing

L.P.H. van Belle belle at bazuin.nl
Wed May 30 08:36:56 UTC 2018

> Yeah you're right. The main thing to do I think is set expectations
> appropriately. e.g. for a so-and-so spec'ed machine, you can expect
> x authentications per/second and y IO operations per second 
> simultaneously.
> Problem is, I have no idea what x and y are :-).
> -- 
Yes ,Jeremy, io is the thing people should think about most and forget about. 

Im almost done with my setup for a ms SBS clone but debian based.. 
Since Rowland mentions a `companies SBS` ..  ;-) 
And as it says a sbs clone and it supports almost the same. 

This setup will be debian buster based. 
Depending on hardware you can setup on 1 server or a per service, server assigned. 

The one server, as far i could test, should handle easy up to 50 users. 
A recent CPU (min 4 cores)2+Ghz, 8-16 GB ram, (2x SDD OS + databases raid1) + (2x SATA raid1 regular data) and just software raid1 what tested. 
This is, i think bit the minimal needed if you run the full setup. 
Split up its much less. What was running, Debian, samba, kopano, postfix, squid, apache, mariadb, ntp. 

This is why i always advice the following. 

When you buy a new server, where to spend your money on. 
1) get the fasted harddisk you can get, preffered in raid. 
   I dont use Raid 5 because its much easy to recover with raid 1. 
2) get ram, more is better. 
3) cpu, the one i dont care about....  Any recent is ok. 2Gz+.
This depends a bit on what your going to use. 

Your harddisk is ALWAYS the slowst part of the computer.. Always. 
So the faster your harddisk the faster your server gets. 

Just my thoughts shared.. 

In responce to Rowland. 
>Lets be honest here, if you are in a small office and the computer you
>are planning to install Samba as a DC on, is capable of also running
>some form of VM with a fileserver in it, then it is also probably
>capable of just running the DC as a fileserver. Less to setup and

No, imo, a bit wrong thinking here, this all depends on the amount of users and how samba is used.
A one server setup as DC + file server is more risk, more stress... 
What often happens is that due to that, its less maintained, which make any next update harder.. 
Just because people are more scared to upgrade.

Why do you think i have 15+ servers running, and most only do 1 thing. 
Being file server or proxy of sql, antispam, mail, ... server etc. 

But again my thoughts here.. 



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