[Samba] Samba4 on Ubuntu 18.04 Howto setup ADDC with bind9_DLZ (extra part 4.8.1 samba)

L.P.H. van Belle belle at bazuin.nl
Mon May 14 10:21:50 UTC 2018


And yes, i can confirm that Rowland is correct about my point of view.
I'll also explain a bit why so people can understand my thoughts. 

I install a server as minimal as possible, yes, you might miss some packages, but you can install these after the base setup. 
The Why is, This saves a lot of space, unneeded updates/upgrade of packages you dont use and it results in a more stable server. 

I setup with, at least i try to, as less as possible of adjustment of the default config files and try to stay in line with the thoughts of the developers. 
The Why is, and you upgrade packages or the OS upgrade, lesser problems and lesser you need to upgrade to quicker and more save for unattended upgrade.
Because if this all my servers run with unattended upgrades. Daily all packages, kernel reboot needed, in the weekends. 

This is why i dont care about sysv services systemd whatever, use it how to os is designed. 
And if you dont like it, .. ( sorry for the example ) like Rowland and systemd, he switched to Devuan.
A Debian version but without systemd.

I dont like Ubuntu, but i do like Debian. 
You think, but its the same, no, totaly not, yes, same packages, but not the same in how the system runs.
A good example is how the resolving is done, the "unneeded" packages ubuntu installs which only slows down your system.

My vision. 
Servers, Debian stable, no gui as minimal as possible. 
* A note, companies might need, ubuntu or RedHat due to hardware/software support and regulations. 

Desktop, Debian stable/Ubuntu Desktop/Ubuntu Mate/Mint
	Regular user, keep the desktop defaults.
	user like me, install the minimal desktop. 

Media server, kodi/plex etc, Ubuntu server.
	Debian is getting better here, but i have not tested that. 

Above is based on almost 20 years linux use. 
Just shareing my thoughs here about the how and why i use my linux. 

Questions, just ask me. 



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> ADDC with bind9_DLZ (extra part 4.8.1 samba)
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> Gregory Sloop via samba <samba at lists.samba.org> wrote:
> > So, I'm curious about the contrast between modifying netplan vs
> > simply disabling systemd.resolved
> > 
> > Is there some advantage to the gyrations to make netplan work, vs
> > simply disabling resolved and manually defining the IP and DNS
> > server? [I'm not complaining, I'm thankful for all the 
> options - just
> > wanting to have the best handle possible on the reasoning behind one
> > method vs the other.]
> > 
> My opinion is pretty basic, if you are setting up a Samba AD DC, then
> you don't need/want anything installed that could change the DNS
> settings.
> Louis's point of view seems to be, do the least amount of alteration
> to the OS to get it work without removing anything.
> You pays your money and makes your choice ;-)
> Rowland 
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