[Samba] multiple domain served by Samba

Németh Ákos Ferenc nemethakos at f-labor.mkt.bme.hu
Mon May 14 08:20:08 UTC 2018

Dear All,

I have a working Samba AD for my company (company.intranet) under 
Debian/GNU. Now I'm requested to create a domain for another company. 
Can I use the same server with the same Samba for multiple domain? Can 
same samba serve parallel the company.intranet (with company\user) and 
the othercompany.intranet (othercompany\user) domains? May I just run 
the samba-tool provision to create the second domain?

What is the best practice to separate the users of different companies 
and manage all of them under the same server?

Thank you in advance.


Németh Ákos

e-mail: nemethakos at f-labor.mkt.bme.hu
web: http://f-labor.mkt.bme.hu/~akos

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