[Samba] Samba 4 ACL with RHEL 7 XFS

rcone rcone at securepaymentsystems.com
Tue Mar 20 00:12:10 UTC 2018


Red Hat has confirmed that this is a bug with the XFS filesystem.  Not too many additional details from them, other than that.  I have only seen the happen under the senario I outlined here, othewise it works normally.

Red Hat said they will be creating a Bugzilla for this issue.


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We are moving to RHEL 7 with Samba 4, and XFS file systems with ACL turned on by default.  We come from RHEL 5 Samba 3 with no ACL activated, on file systems.

Initially anyway, we do not want ACL support activated, in order to initially preserve legacy.

Our shares will have these directives:

force user = dl4ub
force group = dl4ub
create mode = 0000
force create mode = 0660
directory mode = 0000
force directory mode = 0770

And, files traditionally get forcefully created like:

No file system ACL support (RHEL 5 ext3):

-rw-rw---- 1 dl4ub dl4ub 8698 Mar 16 09:00 file.txt

File system ACL support (RHEL 7 XFS):

-rw-rw----. 1 dl4ub dl4ub 8698 Mar 16 09:00 file.txt

So, I have noticed that sometimes doing a "Save As" from Outlook 2016, I see the file created as:

-rw-rwx---+ 1 dl4ub dl4ub 8698 Mar 16 09:00 file.txt

The permissions are 670 with an ACL on it.  I assume Samba 4 with file system ACL support is doing this somehow.

My preference, initially anyway, is to have these file always unconditionally created as:

-rw-rw----. 1 dl4ub dl4ub 8698 Mar 16 09:00 file.txt

Which is essentially what the Samba directives "say" to do here (I guess), and what we have on our older systems traditionally.

If someone out there would be so kind, what possibly are the global (preferred), or individual shares, added and required directives to essentially disable ACL support (I guess), and to force the behavior we are accustomed to?

Thank you!

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