[Samba] power users group

Denis Cardon dcardon at tranquil.it
Thu Mar 15 15:42:21 UTC 2018

Hi Lorenzo,

> I just installed a samba4 dc and I see that Power Users group is missing,
> is possible to create that group so that a workstation joined in the
> domain can install software using users belonging to that group and how
> it can be done?
> actually simply creating a group with that name doesn't get any
> privilege to that group users.

PowerUsers group is a Windows local group. Even if you had such a group 
on AD, like the existing "Remote Desktop Users" group, it would not 
provide what you want.

You can create an "MyPowerUsers" AD group and add your "power users" in 
that AD group, and then add that "MyPowerUsers" AD group to the Windows 
local "Power Users" group. That can be done easily through GPO (or any 
other configuration management solution).

However I would rather advise you to use a software deployment solution 
to solve your installation needs, like SCCM, Ivanti, WAPT, etc. And I 
personally would advise you to give a try to WAPT Community 1.5, it was 
just release this week, and it rocks (I am a little bit biased as I work 
on that project too :-)



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