[Samba] Debian Jessie Packages 4.5.12 debian backported package, 4.5.16 and 4.6.14 available.

L.P.H. van Belle belle at bazuin.nl
Wed Mar 14 15:11:31 UTC 2018


The following packages are now available through my apt. 

Debian Jessie versions: 
jessie-backports 4.5.12+dfsg-2+deb9u2~bpo8+1    1 on 1 backport from debian stretch. 
jessie 4.5.16+nmu-1~deb8 package builded from the samba sources. 
unstable 4.6.14+nmu-1~deb8 package builded from the samba sources. 

Note 1, the apt repo lines, unstable = jessie unstable, but thats not an unstable package. 
Note 2, Samba 4.5 is done these are the latest packages for 4.5.x 
	Upgrade to Debian Stretch if you run Jessie.

http://apt.van-belle.nl for the repo info. 
http://downloads.van-belle.nl for the change/buildlogs

Have fun with these. 



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