[Samba] User Permissions issue

Denis Cardon dcardon at tranquil.it
Tue Jan 16 09:49:11 UTC 2018

Hi Harsh,
> I have two Samba 4 DC’s as below
> server-1 with all FSMO roles running Samba 4.6.12 on Ubuntu 12.04
> server-2 joined to server-1 as a DC running Samba 4.7.4 Ubuntu  16.04
> The problem is when I share files from my Windows 2008 file sharing server
> which shows it is logged on to Server-2 DC and the  client PC which logs on
> to the server-1 DC cannot access the shared folder and gives an error Logon
> Failure: The target account name is incorrect.

Windows error messages are not very sysadmin friendly. Could you please 
use instead smbclient command line from a domain member linux client to 
do your debugging:
  kinit myusername
  smbclient -k //win2k8server/sharename -d 9

And do it with both with dc1 on and off.

> To fix the problem I have to shutdown server-2 DC and restart my Windows
> File server which logs on to the server-1 and then the client can access
> the shared folder.

Could you check if replication is working properly?
  samba-tool drs showrepl

> Please assist to fix this issue as I have to run both the DC’s in the
> network.

You should avoid wordings like "please assist for fix". It is deemed 
rude (at least in my culture) to give orders to people who don't owe you 
anything... They are many kind people on this mailing list that would be 
happy to help, but this kind of wording just make them dismiss your 
message directly.



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