[Samba] migrate several samba3+openldap pdc to samba3

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at samba.org
Sun Feb 18 22:33:23 UTC 2018

On Sun, 2018-02-18 at 10:22 -0300, Guido Lorenzutti via samba wrote:
> Thank you Andrew!
> How can import the modified passwords to
> the AD? I can do a search in the ldap to get the modified atributes and
> export them. But I didnt find a way to import this atributes on the
> samba AD.

You can set the unicodePwd if go via the sam.ldb (not the backend files
directly, but don't do this over LDAP).  You are protected from doing
so by default, but you can override that with a magic control.  

Remember to also wipe the supplementalCredentials each time or they
won't line up.

There are other people (Tranquil IT in particular) who do this very
often, give them a chance to talk you though it.  


Andrew Bartlett

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