[Samba] Shadow_copy2 and exposing multiple levels of snapshots

Terry Bennett tb.buss at gmail.com
Wed Apr 4 16:24:42 UTC 2018

Hello Group,

Looking for a little assistance on this as I have been unsuccessful is
getting the shadow: snapprefix, shadow:delimiter and shadow:format to work
as I expect.

I have no issue with getting previous versions in Windows to show me either
hourly, daily or weekly, etc snapshots as previous versions.  But I owuld
like to be able to expose all.

The shadow:snapprefix, etc seems to be the way to do it, but I am unable to
get it to work.
When I setup the prefix, etc, I get know previous versions at all.

My setup in Smb.conf is below, and my directories are named as follows:

shadow:snapprefix =
shadow:delimiter = ly-
shadow:format = ly-%Y-%m-%d-%H%M

Directories :


Etc, etc, etc

When I do something like : shadow: format =

in the smb.conf, without the prefix, etc, there is no issues.  I see the
hourlys appear in my previous versions.

I am using the latest version of Samba, and Ubuntu 16.04

Any help would be appreciated.

Terry Bennett

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