[Samba] failed to setup printer drivers for windows

fu-hong-quan at pacific-textiles.com fu-hong-quan at pacific-textiles.com
Fri Sep 1 06:13:24 UTC 2017

Sorry, I forgot the subject. Apologize.

From:   Hong Quan Fu/IT/PY/PTL
To:     samba at lists.samba.org, 
Date:   09/01/2017 02:11 PM


  I built a samba and cups server on the same host,whose IP is, currently printers work as expected ,as I access printers

  from windows7 by startup =》 run :\\  and then click 
printer icon, install drivers manually. 

  I follow this link, but it looks like I must configure a client to 
authenticate against Samba Domain first,

  and then "DOMAIN\domain users" group will appear on by 
"getent passwd"

 Does my guess correctly? 

 And another question is is there any other easier way to do this? 
building a winbind is really a fuss as all my host 
 are windows client.

 Actually I haven't seen anything related with [print$] and printer 
drivers from the latest  'man smb.conf', so is the way

 from above link feasible?


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