[Samba] Using GPO to mount shares on Linux

Daniel Carrasco d.carrasco at i2tic.com
Wed Oct 25 05:46:03 UTC 2017

El 24 oct. 2017 7:58 p. m., "Rowland Penny via samba" <samba at lists.samba.org>

On Tue, 24 Oct 2017 19:30:23 +0200
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> Hello, I answer bellow.
> Thanks!!
> 2017-10-24 16:52 GMT+02:00 L.P.H. van Belle via samba
> <samba at lists.samba.org
> >:
> > Hai,
> >
> > I did a re-read of you thread.
> >
> > First.
> > If you use smblcient, with a samba installed, use -s
> > /path/alternative/smbclient.conf
> >
> I think that Samba is not installed on this client because I'm not
> using samba to join the domain. Just realmd, sssd and Kerberos.
> That's why there's no smb.conf file.
> >
> > If i did read it correct.
> > Your connecting from  xUbuntu (samba version ??) to (debian8) samba
> > 4.2 member
> >
> > How did you join the xUbuntu?
> > https://docs.pagure.org/SSSD.sssd/users/ad_provider.html
> > Like this setup? ^^^
> >
> Now I don't know the samba version of the client because I cannot
> access to the computer, but looks like is the 4.5 version (xUbuntu
> 16.04 repository).
> I've used this guide:
> https://www.unixmen.com/how-to-join-an-ubuntu-desktop-

I am fairly sure I have said this before, but I will say it in a
different way.

If you are not using Samba, why are you asking on the Samba mailing
list ? How can your problem be with Samba, if you are not using it!

Because the server that give me the problem is samba and the domain that
authenticate is samba also... And the problem looks like kerberos
authentication and the server that has samba.

You are using sssd and realmd, these have nothing to do with Samba, so
I suggest you ask on the sssd-users mailing list.

For now I'm not asking again because I'm waiting for test some things. I'm
just answering to the thread and the next time I'll give a try into the
sssd mailing list.


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