[Samba] access DENIED for non-printserver bits

Åke Holmlund holm at informatik.umu.se
Wed Mar 22 12:49:09 UTC 2017


> Can you tell me the brand and driver of the printer your trying , that helps. ( or send me a
> copy/link of the driver your installing )

That does not matter. When I try to add a driver, I get an "Access denied"
message befor the wizard starts.

> I did find the error in the following source code of samba.
> source3/rpc_server/srv_spoolss_nt.c
> but i cant help with that code much to complex for me, but at least you know is a "by samba"
> generated error.

Yes, I know WHERE it happens but not WHY... I need to know why so I can
do something about it.

> If your able to upgrade to 4.6 thats what you really want, since there has been lots of
> improvements in printer drivers support for win10.

I'm working on that but I have the same problem from Win 7,
Win server 2008 and Win 10 so it's not a specific Win 10 problem..


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