[Samba] Standalone Samba in a Win2008 DC environment, transition to samba

Lin Pro linforpros at gmail.com
Fri Mar 10 17:41:23 UTC 2017

Hi All,
It is unclear to me what group membership should \\server\users  (or
/srv/samba/users) get if it is planned to be ina  standalone role...
and using only POSIX ACLs. The relevant wiki instructions are stating:

"Create the directory and set the correct permissions:

# mkdir -p /srv/samba/users/
# chgrp -R "Domain Users" /srv/samba/users/

# chmod 2750 /srv/samba/users/"

But there is a hidden assuption in the above that it is AD DC -
"Domain Users". Or may be I should just create a linux group by that
name or any other name and add all the future users to that group? In
the back of my head I may consider converting this standalone srv into
a Domain Member. Do you have an advice what to do in this case?

groupadd "Domain Users" produces a warning - not a valid group name


best regards

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